Генеалогічні дослідження

У кожної людині настає такий час, коли вона починає цікавитися своїм походження, хоче більше дізнатись про предків і про місця, де вони жили. Звичайно, не всі це можуть це зробити власноруч: така робота вимагає багато зусиль, знань і коштів.

Ми хочемо вам допомогти. Ми спеціалізуємося на дослідженнях на території української Галичини (Львівської, Івано-Франківської і Тернопільської областей), тобто території, яка колись входила до складу Австро-Угорщини, Польщі і Радянського союзу. Нині – це Україна, земля ваших предків. І ми із задоволенням можемо допомогти вам скласти свій родовід.

Якщо ви шукаєте інформацію про ваших предків з України, ми можемо зробити для вас детальний архівний пошук. Наші дослідники завжди прагнуть допомогти тим, хто зараз живе за межами України і хоче дізнатися свій родовід.

Ми готові розглянути будь-який запит. Ми можемо знайти документи на ваших предків, отримати копії та перекласти їх на англійську мову.

Пошук родичів в Україні

Ви вважаєте, що у вас в Україні є родичі, але ви нічого про них не знаєте? Ми допоможемо пошукати людей, які можуть баути вашими родичами.

Фото- і відеозйомка місць, звідки походить ваша родина

    Коли ви вивчаєте фотографії рідного села ваших предків, ви переноситесь у те місце, де зародився ваш рід. Це може бути подорожжю у минуле – будинок або територія, де вони провели останні роки, школа, де вони вчилися, або оригінальна кам’яна стіна з будинку їхнього народження, церква, де їх хрестили, річка, ліс або пагорб, якими вони колись ходили.

The fields where we can help you

   Slovakia ancestry tours
If you plan to come to Slovakia to find your relatives or do research, ask for a professional means saving money and time. During your stay, We can go with you to Slovakia archives, parish offices, municipal offices, libraries, your ancestors’ villages and make you benefit from our knowledge of the surroundings. This personal help will enable you to follow your ancestors’ tracks in the best conditions.
   Conducting research on your ancestors
Undoubtedly, you are acquainted with the parish records as well as birth, marriage and death certificates which represent the usual sources of genealogy. However, we are able to go deeper into such information, that is to say that we can find documents on your ancestors’ every day life, whatever their social background. We conduct a research in Slovakia archives (State archive in Kosice, State archive in Presov, State archive in Levoca, and others). The main list you can find here. Apart from different Slovakia genealogy sources we work in Czech archives, Hungary archives but also in the parish offices, churches, municipal offices and others institutions and sources which save unique documents and information.
   Compiling a family documentation
Birth, marriage and death certificates, census records, church and diocese records, military records, tax records, school records, property records, police records, landowner records, wills, passenger ship records, business records and more depending on the locality and funds of Slovakia archives, Czech archives, Hungary archives, Austria archives and other institutions of these countries.
   Searching the oldest documents
Have you finished genealogical research of your family? What are the oldest documents, which you have about your ancestors? Would you like to have the older ones, which will be treasured, by you and your family for generations to come? We have a lot of experiences in looking for these documents.
   Finding living relatives
Have you a long lost Slovak relative who may now live in this country? Our tracing service successfully reunites families living abroad with their relatives in Slovakia.
   Locality survey
There comes a point in the research when most of us want to know more about the place where our ancestors lived, particularly if we are intending to write any sort of family history. A complete genealogy guide to your locality in Slovakia including maps, images, a description of the coat of arms, historical background of your locality, list of available records and books written about the area, articles photocopied from reference books, telephone directories and other information specific to the area.
   Providing photographs and video
When you study the photos of your ancestors’ home village you are transported to the heart of your ancestors’ life. It will be a journey into past – the house where they spent their last years, the original stone wall from the house of their birth, church where your relations were married, the school, the houses and streets they knew, cemetery where they were laid to rest, the landscape they called home. These photos will became a part of you, and connect you to your ancestors and to their homeland in an intimate way, across the hundreds of years and the sea. You will receive very valuable thing. It will provide the missing link in your chain of family – the link that solders the broken place in your own identity.
   Tracing missing heirs and beneficiaries
Often a situation arise where genealogical research is needed to locate missing heirs, next of kin to an estate. In intestate cases there may be no known heirs. In some testate cases there may be a legal heir who cannot be located, or who is deceased. We locate missing and unknown heirs for executors, administrators, attorneys, probate research firms, personal representatives and others. In each case, the proper documentation will be provided to establish legal descent.
   Special services
We provide our genealogy services to individuals, institutions and organizations: universities, societies, libraries, etc. Our special services include genealogy lectures, assistance with writing books (genealogical, historical, dictionaries etc.), making documentaries, copying documents and books of our personal archive and others. Our services and archive have been used for various genealogy projects together with next respectable sources as Steven Spielberg archive and others.

After the research is done you will receive highly professional result with the maximum of the information about your ancestors. You obtain professional report containing results, sources, special research maps and the suggestions for further research, if appropriate. Furthermore, you obtain material such as photocopies, photographs, maps etc., if ordered and available.

Finding family: There are many ways of finding living relatives.

  1. a) If we know the location where they lived we can check in the telephone books. Many people now have only cellular phones especially in the country so here a big help are old telephone books – before the cellular phone era.
  2. b) Checking the surname on www.nk.pl – called Polish Facebook is the biggest source about people in Poland on the internet.
  3. c) If those two ways fail we can publish an ad in local newspaper or ask the local priest to make an announcement in the parish.
  4. d) The biggest sources of information are always local people so a visit in the village or town can result in finding a lot of valuable information.

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