Пошук спадкоємців

When a person dies ‘without any living family’, in most cases there are living and entitled next of kin somewhere. They may be living abroad and they may have never heard of the Deceased, yet they are legitimate beneficiaries.

Geritage Genealogy Research Services  offers a wide range of probate research services related to tracing unknown heirs and beneficiaries and documenting their connections to the decedent.

Our services are aimed at probate attorneys, trust officers, estate executors and administrators, private fiduciaries, international research companies and beneficiaries themselves. We conduct research only  in Western Ukraine.

Geritage Genealogy can be instructed in the following circumstances:

  • When an estate distribution is delayed or held up because some of the beneficiaries cannot be found
  • When a named individual receiving property in a will cannot be traced
  • When a proof of relationship to the deceased is needed
  • When due diligence is requested by the courts


  • Locate missing heirs and unknown beneficiaries in a testate or intestate estate
  • Find birth, marriage, death church & civil records
  • Document the connection to the decedent (obtain all relevant vital records to prove the connection between the potential heir and the decedent)
  • Prepare reports, charts showing family relationships and a list of sources examined (particularly useful in proving due diligence)
  • Translate all relevant documents
  • Legal counsel in the area of probate law (intestate succession, wills, etc.)
  • Represent clients in probate cases in court


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